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Agile Development

for Startups

and Enterprises

We constantly find ways to improve our processes and how people work together.

The Mashup Garage Playbook

Our playbook is a collection of our learnings and experiences throughout the years. Having collectively close to a hundred projects for startups and businesses around the world.

The playbook keeps us consistent on our practices, technical competencies, management styles, and most of all, our culture.

Constantly updated and improved by our team.

Visit our Playbook

Our Technology Stack

Ruby on Rails, Elixir & Phoenix, and React
We learned throughout the years that for work to be done properly, an organization needs to focus on a few things and be really good at it. Repeatedly iterating and improving our processes and skills.

Design Sprint

Expectations Management
We are firm believers of proper product planning and planning ahead. Design sprints are now part of our core business that allowed us to effectively develop and design a product, identify problems during early stage of development, and providing a cohesive & consistent birds eye-view of the product between stakeholders.

The Sprint Lifecycle

The Agile Way
Expectations are always hard to manage. Our Sprint Lifecycle is a set of methodologies and principles that guides our development processes.


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